Adding value to agricultural products

Malika Khatulistiwa Dayana Abadi, PT, is a company angaged in upstream-downstream agriculture. The company, which was founded in 2017, has an on farm agricultural business unit (vegetables, fruits and processed food) processing agricultural product in the form of frozen vegetables, a processed food business unit for ready to eat meals and ready to cook.

Vision and Mission


Creating an innovative and integrated food company from upstream to downstream in order to improve the quality of human resources and quality products.


  • Developing sustainable onfarm agricultural businnes
  • Building a data center for the production and marketing of strategic agricultural commodities
  • Forming strategic commodity farmer partners in various regions
  • Build and develop agricultural processing industry infrastructure
  • Develop the quality of the company's human resources and partners as the most important asset for the company
  • Managing agricultural businesses with the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation with PT MKDA partners
  • Developing a marketing network for fresh and processed products both at home and abroad

What we do

What we are doing now is processing indonesian agricultural product to have a shelf life and added value and become pasrt of the solution for urban communities and food business owners who want to be more practical. We also collaborate with educational institutions for product research and development

Our Products