Our frozen vegetable products provide solutions to urban communities, especially those who need practicality and ease of cooking. In addition, it also helps FnB business actors who want a faster and cleaner processing time in serving vegetables. The advantage of frozen vegetables is that they have a shelf life so they can be stored for quite a long time, namely 6-12 months, which is very helpful in managing kitchen inventory in the world of FnB.

Our products are: Spinach, Carrot, Chayote, shelled corn, green beans, mixed vegetables

Our advantage is that the raw materials used are taken from farmers and partner gardens so that “traceability” in terms of raw materials can be guaranteed, and we use 100% local raw materials.

Most of our plantations are located in West Java, Bogor regencies (Cibuntu, Ciawi, Cipanas) and Lembang Bandung.