Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) is a plant that produces vanilla powder which is commonly used as food fragrances. This powder is produced from the pods. Vanilla is widely used as a flavoring agent for food or drinks, even perfume because of its distinctive fragrance and different tastes. It is widely used as an ingredient in drinks, ice cream, and cakes because it produces a distinctive aroma.

Indonesia is known as one of the vanilla producing countries after Madagascar, with its tropical climate and fertile soil making Vanilla the right place to be cultivated here. We collaborate with the
Indonesian vanilla farmers community in the form of fair trade cooperation to improve the standard living of farmers and also aim at community empowerment. The specifications of our vanilla bean are grade extract and gourmet with vanillin content in the range of 1-2% and 2-3%. Vanilla planted is planifonia. Vanilla is processed according to the age of the harvest, so that the size and aroma also have a good standard.